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Despite recent falls in house prices they are still significantly higher than 10 years ago, and in recent years more and more families are being caught in the Inheritance Tax net

This could mean paying 40% tax, though with proper planning this can be greatly reduced if not avoided altogether.

Another trap people unnecessarily fall into results from the Community Care Act 1990. Don’t lose your home to pay for you or your partners care costs, take steps now to protect your home for your children’s inheritance.

Preparing a will is one of the most important documents you are ever likely to write, something we all appreciate has to be done but is all too often neglected.

Don’t wait, don’t temp fate - protect yourself and family now.

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- Wills
- Protective Property Trust Wills
- Inheritance Tax Planning Wills
- Power of Attorney
- Children’s Trusts
- Disabled Trusts
- Living Wills
- Document Storage

The FCA does not regulate will-writing and some forms of Inheritance Tax Planning.

For Will and Trust Planning we usually act as introducers only. Your request will be passed on to our specialist legal Services Partner. There will be no fee for this introduction.

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